Bessie Coleman, then and now!

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Bessie Coleman

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If not you who, if not now when...

Good news. Jacksonville, FL will be honoring Bessie Coleman memory on the day of her death,, they are really throwing in a lot for this memorial. So stand by. What I would ask of you and your students is to keep in contact via our web site: - also, if I may ask, on Jan 26th, is Bessie's Birthday: Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926), that on Jan 26th, for all students to wear either a picture or her name on the right side of their chest, in her honor; I have started using social media to get the word to President Obama and his family. Bessie Coleman put a lot on the line for people, particularly people of color, she was influence by the women's movement at that time, and Robert S. Abbott, founder and publisher of the Chicago Defender newspaper, yes they did name a postage stamp after her, however, society has swept her under the rug; according to today's standards Bessie Coleman was ahead of her time flying more different type of airplanes than any other women, and it was done in other languages. 

Bessie Coleman taught the reason people don't give up and what happens when they don't. She believed in education, she believed in her self and God. Bessie Coleman owned two Curtiss JN-4 airplanes, she knew business and the power of a business knowledge. She knew endurance in what she had to do to fly to the different locations, I just learned that she even flew up to Boston where I live. 

So, as you can see Bessie Coleman was a very special young woman who died at a young age of 34...her legacy, learn to fly that no one could say that you don't have the aptitude to fly...the one surprising thing to me is, it was not her intention to be popular just respected as a person. 

Bessie Coleman, her legacy…

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Bessie Coleman was an everyday type of person, Bessie Coleman was smart especially in math for her time. Bessie Coleman attended many schools and just short of college; she also, taught herself French and German, prior to her attainment of her International Flying license. All of Bessie’s flying training took place in France, and then later received her training in stunt flying both in France and Germany…

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Howevre you frame it, these up and coming days are about giving and family; but who are the least of these, the poor and the have nots. Please, take one moment to say THANKS or THANK YOU…

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Thanks for just being here, and a happy and great Thanksgiving!

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from – Remember those wonderful employees in the airline industry keeping things right for you– ‘OBAP’ membership, Happy Thanksgiving…:Ted Lewis